Travel & Eggs: Bangkok Binge

Pretty amazing that I managed to fit so many egg-based and/or egg-peripheral meals into one 39-hour sojourn in Bangkok with the girls. Lucky for me, we are all foodaholics who freak out at the sight of any sort of street-food cart. “Freak out” being defined as “immediately ordering and promptly devouring items.” It started with the complimentary breakfast buffet at the St Regis Bangkok, where eggs-to-order meant a very tough decision regarding style… I went with the scrambled, and then a freakishly high-contrast photo-editing decision.

Actually (and shamefully), the egg journey began the night before, after landing at midnight and taxiing directly to a Foodland 24-diner for a somewhat sketchy pad Thai…

Noodle soup with chicken (you know, that mother of an egg, or is it child? The debate to end all debates) from a street stall outside Central World, a splurge at Bt35.

Plate of 10 quail eggs from the food court at the top of Platinum Mall, also only Bt35.

Omelette rice at Patpong.

Roti pancake with banana and condensed milk — the ultimate Thai indulgence. Often found with nutella, but just as good without.

The only restaurant (with door, walls, ceiling) that we visited: Bonchon Chicken. Crazy good Korean-style chicken wings with the crispiest skin somehow held apart from the meat for the most mouthwatering texture…

And a kimchi soup with that favorite ingredient of ours.


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