Hatched: All Eggs, All Day, Every Day

Welcome to Hatched, Singapore’s first and only egg-themed restaurant. There are two branches; we went to the one at Evans, but there’s another one at Holland Village (I say this like I actually know where these places are. Directions are not my forte.) To be honest, the best thing about this place is just the fact that almost everything has eggs in it. Because nothing else was really good. Found a fly in one of our beers and asked for a new one. They brought a new glass and forgot the beer. Found another fly in the second glass.

This twist on Eggs Benedict switched out ham for corned beef, and Hollandaise for a Mornay sauce. Not the most attractive substitutions, but what’s a little loss in presentation when the result could be a tasty reinvention? Unfortunately, it didn’t really live up to potential. Good thing we asked for Hollandaise on the side.

Burger. With fried egg.

Splurged with Le Rossini, a big vat of scrambled eggs drizzled (minimally) with truffle oil and topped with foie gras. Texture-wise, everything was fine. But please, please starting seasoning your food, Hatched? FLAVOURS make food good. Flavours, and no flies. Thank you.

Evans address here, Holland Village in the photo below, if you wish to try for yourself.


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