Halloween & Eggs

Eggs don’t come up a lot during Halloween, it being an occasion mostly associated with sweet treats and pumpkins — unless you count egging someone’s house in demonstration of the former action in the age-old statement, “trick or treat.”

But certainly, quite a few celebrities felt like getting eggy with it in Halloweens past — Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne included. (Although whether Ms Perry donned the costume specifically for Halloween seems debatable; she’s an odd one, that girl.)

And why shouldn’t they? You don’t have to be an egg romantic to think it would make for a cute costume, plus there’s plenty of chance to show a little leggy out the bottom of your eggy.

Just don’t go too far and end up encased in an egg shall a la Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards a few years ago… seems like a cool idea to be toted around on a hammock like royalty, but I’m pretty sure it’s stuffy in there. And the amount of leg room seems seriously lacking.

If you can, woo a friend or partner into being your bacon… costumes purchasable as a set from Party City.

Should you be a fan of costume puns (and who isn’t? Spudnik…) there’s also a deviled-egg option. Get it? I’ll leave you to groan over it at Nothing But Costumes.


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