Eggzample: 21st-century egg



Notes from St Betty’s: The revamped St Betty’s is better than expected in my estimation, mostly thanks to this dish, the 21st-century egg, chargrilled asparagus, lemon mayonnaise, black truffle and hazelnut dressing.

Never do I believe have I had such an exquisitely cooked egg, which I know is as much chance as skill. Forked open the deep-fried exterior to find the egg, then cut off the egg white only to find the perfect unburst yolk, which was subsequently and unceremoniously poked until the yolk oozed forth.

Eggs are a big component of mayonnaise, incidentally, and it bears mentioning that this particular breed is made with both egg and yolk, resulting in that lighter texture so integral to keeping it a condiment rather than star of the show. Well done indeed.


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