Ask the Eggspert: Michel Roux


Part of the Roux family culinary legacy, Michel Roux Sr is often, along with his brother Albert, credited with bringing fine dining to the UK. He’s also the author of a cookbook on eggs (and some other gastronomic subjects), my sometime tutor (see here), father to Alain Roux, uncle to Michel Roux Jr, as well as the founder of The Waterside Inn, Le Gavroche, Roux at The Landau and, most recently, Maison 1888 at the new Intercontinental in Danang, Vietnam. The Waterside Inn has held three Michelin stars for an astounding 28 consecutive years, which is certainly some sort of world record. Basically, in the world of eggs, he’s one of the coolest guys on earth, and so of course The Eggs Factor had to seek his answer in inaugurating this new column, Ask the Eggspert, in which we consult top chefs on their personal favourite ways to eat eggs.

And what did the chef have to say?

“My favourite way to have eggs in the morning is lightly scrambled with fresh crab and asparagus tips on top… bon appetit!”

michel_roux_albert_rouxMichel Roux Sr, Albert Roux and Michel Roux Jr


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