Eggzample: Lobster Eggs


Notes from the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong: What happens when you combine the concept behind a Cadbury Creme Egg and translate it into a savoury canape? We journalists found out at the Mandarin Oriental Christmas gathering, for which the chefs typically go all out in creating all manner of nifty treats to surprise and delight. So besides pork pies and hot chocolate so thick and goopy it obliterated all stomach space in a mere sip, we saw foie gras lollipops embedded in a grassy garden, white chocolate snowmen definitely too pretty to eat, and lobster eggs: chunks of shredded lobster encased in a sweet, crackling shell. So delicious that, after I’d consumed one or two of them and went to seek out the waiter to take the requisite iPhone photo, all I found was this:


Luckily, WOM Guide’s Wilson saved the day by posting the top photo on Facebook the following morning,  which I shamelessly cajoled him into sharing with me.


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