Recipe: It’s-ugly-but-it’s-good haute loco moco


I’m watching that runaway hit Girls right now as I write this, which seems apropos because, like the HBO cult favorite, this is a dish whose appeal is almost intrinsically tied to its awkward unattractiveness. It’s all about keepin’ it real, being a little bit strange and in-your-face, and celebrating the mundane.

The real reason this dish came to fruition is because we bought these awesome Australian wagyu beef patties at the Hong Kong food fair, and wanted to celebrate their juicy goodness with a little bit of craziness. One patty went the way of the burger, naturally — although it was shortly after I attended the Yardbird-catered Converse party, which featured these awesome pork belly “sliders” which used Hong Kong-style pineapple buns instead of regular mini burger buns. So naturally, we bought a pineapple bun from the bakery to do the same with our patty, which made a lot of sense because at most supermarkets you can only buy burger buns in packs of four. Yums galore. No egg, though, so no post on that.

Anyway, for the second patty, we decided to use up basically as much random about-to-expire merchandise available in the kitchen. And what ensued, as you will see, is this baller loco moo, a remix on the traditional Hawaiian dish, which finds a friend in a hefty slice of foie gras, and uses a pre-packaged curry sauce in lieu of a gravy. The fried egg topper and white-rice bed remain. To be honest, the photographs pretty much speak for themselves, but in the interest of maintaining a consistent format, I’ll provide the recipe anyway.


  • 1 good-quality beef patty
  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice foie gras
  • 1 package curry sauce (we used S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix that my brother left when he moved out)
  • 1 cup rice






  1. Stick your rice in the rice cooker.
  2. Marinate your beef if necessary. Then grill to desired level.
  3. Marinate the foie gras and sear on a hot pan.
  4. Fry the egg.
  5. Heat up the curry sauce in a pan.
  6. Stack the ingredients and then pour on the sauce.
  7. Ask yourself why you needed to read these instructions when the steps are so damn simple.
  8. Eat.





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