Eggs Marks the Spot: Green Eggs and Jamon


Sorry this is a bit late but you can still get yourself in at Hotel Icon’s Green for a little bit of Spanish flavour! From August 2-10, check out award-winning Spanish ham cutter Manuel Anselmo Perez slicing away at that pig leg at the East Tsim Sha Tsui coffee shop (best known for its sublime cupcake collection, comprising the likes of lemon poppyseed, sesame and durian). Actually, cutting ham isn’t that interesting, and in fact is painfully boring, so instead of watching, order it and eat it instead, from the special Spanish promo menu. Yep, Hotel Icon is jumping on the Spain train. To go with your hoard of jamon, the set dinner menu includes IbĂ©rico ham, acorn chorizo and a Spanish fried egg (see above, and wet yourself accordingly) to start, gazpacho, a choice of mains — paella marina; slow-roasted pork belly with creamy spinach and apple chutney; or braised wagyu beef cheek, ox tongue, mashed potatoes, green pea with balsamic red wine sauce — and then dessert (that sorbet thing). At HK$388 a head it’s epically reasonable, except that it just dawned on me that that’s almost exactly the price of 10 cupcakes…

For those of you not wanting to eat yourself into sugar shock, book at +852 3400 1000



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