Frank Grom, Egg Sculptor

Frank Grom sculpts eggs. He is a very talented man. I can’t even manage the perfect poached specimen; this man can drain the little bitch and put a pretty good facsimile of Che Guevera’s face against its surface.

eggsculp5 franc_grom thumb.php 03-Swirls-and-colorRoses-Eggshell-Art-1 Slovenian artist Franc Grom holds drilled  Easter egg in Vrhnika umetnostjajce9 tumblr_lw7glhJxNY1r72j07o1_500 Slovenian artist Franc Grom drills a hole in an empty egg shell in Vrhnik A-postcard-featuring-the-art-work-of-Slovenian-Easter-Egg-Artist-Franc-Grom draft_lens16900411module143238091photo_1293425925ea22 Egg-art_1382184i


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