Eggzample: 298 Yukke


Notes from Sheung Wan: 298 Nikuya Kitchen. A yakiniku restaurant that’s the stuff of myths. Loved it so much I didn’t even tell anyone about it (well, until now, but blogging about it isn’t really like telling anyone about it, because I’m really just typing it into a white box on a website. Just like King Midas’ barber only told the secret of his highness’s ass ears to a bunch of plants.)

Anyway, so the secret’s out now. And it behooves me to share this Yukke dish with you (which I thought was Korean, and spelled more like Yook Hwe, but maybe they share it). Raw egg yolk, raw beef, raw pear for crunch. At worst, it could kill you. No really, it happened in Japan to a handful of people who were bested by E.coli. But at best, it can take your palate to places it’s never been, places of harmony and symphony and love. In summary, 298 Yukke is like a crazy ex-girlfriend. You’re not sure if she’s going to kill you or give you an orgasm, but somehow, it’s worth the risk?


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