Recipe: 22 Ships-inspired Peas, Mint, Goat Cheese, Jamon… and Egg!


I’ve always been quite the fan of 22 Ships, Jason Atherton’s tapas-focussed gastropub-type effort in Wanchai. Part of what’s exciting is the constant dedication to change and improvement, which leads to frequent menu additions — and sadly, removals. As a regular patron, you live in constant fear that one of your favourites will one day be stricken from popular approval. It seems fairly safe that classics on which 22 Ships built its name — like the Spanish Breakfast, or the Iberico pork and foie gras burger — are safe, but when the dish you dig is a simple peas, broad beans, goat curd and Serrano ham number, it pays to have a version you can turn to at home. And since we’re The Eggs Factor, we obviously chose to add a hen-laid twist to the whole affair.


It would seem almost patronizing to include a real recipe here. Because obviously, everything that you need is in the title. And there’s no real science to the amounts. Just add however much you see fit and tastes good on the tongue. In case you need a shopping list, we’ve mixed up peas, mint leaves, Iberico jamon, spoonfuls of goat cheese, sliced shallots and grated lemon zest. Squeeze some lemon juice and drizzle extra-virgin olive oil over it all, toss, top with a poached egg. Salt, pepper, yum.


What’s so perfect about this recipe is that almost everything in the recipe is something that can sit in your fridge at all times, anyway. Peas can sit in the freezer, mint leaves can be frozen into ice cubes, jamon’s been aging for years anyway, lemon and shallots last for ages, and goat cheese is something that one should always keep in one’s fridge, because it tastes like whatever dreams are made of. I know some people don’t like goat cheese, but that’s just because they have no dreams.


The next thing that needs to be replicated from the 22 Ships menu is, by the way, the jamon, manchego and truffle toastie with quail eggs. Also attempted the salt-baked beetroot, goats cheese and pear, and it was BOMB (piccie here).





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