Chicken n’ Egg: A Dark-Side Dalliance


Used to be I only had one reason to step foot in Kowloon City: Islam Food, and the veal goulashes sent from heaven. Then Chicken n’ Egg opened, and now I have two.


Would it be kind of obvious to say that Chicken n’ Egg serves two types of food? And that those are chicken and egg? There are lots of riffs on that, but the main affair is a roast chicken, similar to that served at Chicken on the Run or La Rotisserie. There’s a regular chicken, or a weekly special, which when we visited was lemongrass.


Don’t forget to ask for dark meat. We forgot, and then got stuck with the dry white meat — which, for white meat, was very good. That’s okay, we’ll just have to go back.


The venue is cute, a little spot of Americana smack dab in the middle of Kowloon City.


Love the chicken-themed decor.


Smoothies were good.


Besides the lemongrass chicken, we ordered a salmon benedict (pretty good) and the chicken-liver pate (very good).


Nice generous portions. Super reasonable pricing.


Chicken n’ Egg is at 79 Tak Ku Ling Road, Kowloon City. Tel: 9383 5742



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