An Eggcellent Collection


I actually don’t know how I managed to acquire so very many egg-specific cookbooks. But I guess when you talk about eggs all the time, eat eggs all the time, make egg puns all the time, post Instagrams of egg dishes all the time, and sometimes, occasionally, even blog about eggs… When it comes to birthdays or other gift-giving holidays, an egg cookbook will invariably appear in the mix.
Not that I’m complaining. Despite the overload of eggery already present in my kitchen, I’ve just added to the collection, the gorgeously illustrated How to Boil an Egg from the Rose Bakery. It’s Amazoning its way to me as we speak. In fact, why isn’t it here yet? Shopping on the internet makes me so impatient.


If you’d like to purchase any of the other egg cookbooks for your friends or family, here’s the breakdown, from top:


The Farmstead Egg Cookbook
Cute, rustic-style stocking stuffer book which homey recipes like pickled beets and eggs or randomly, Chinese fried rice.


The Frenchman who brought good food to England, Michel Roux loves eggs, and it’s obvious not just by the existence of this egg-centric cookbook, but in the recipes, too. Most of them allow the egg to really shine in simple, elegant, restaurant-quality dishes that require high-grade eggs and good produce. The book is divided into sections by cooking style: poached, en cocotte, mollet, etc.


The Good Egg: More than 200 Fresh Approaches from Breakfast to Dessert
This is a comprehensive and useful little tome, full of facts and lots and lots of recipes, but a little bit of function over form. Get this for yourself if you like to read, but bear in mind, no pictures! That said, this cookbook is a James Beard Award winner and its writer, Marie Simmons, is one of the best cookbook authors around. My friend Jordan loaned this to me and I conveniently forgot to give it back, so it must be worth keeping.

Cover Image

Chicken and Egg: A Memoir of Suburban Homesteading with 125 Recipes
For those who like their cookbooks with a side of story. I find the format a bit strange, because I’m never inclined to curl up with a large coffee-table book, but this one at least is floppy-covered. Author Janice Cole writes about raising chickens, and includes recipes for both chicken and eggs, a darling little concept.


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