Recipe: Quick, Sick Salmon Cakes


I gotta admit, one of the reasons it’s so hard to keep up with a blog is because I hate using recipes. I’m one of those annoying free-spirited girls who takes measurements as inspiration for generally eyeballing everything and finger-tasting until it’s right. Luckily I always cook with my better half, whose palate is great when it comes to correcting flavour imbalances.

I’ve made these salmon cakes a million times, and with whatever haphazard ration of the following ingredients, it seems to work. Basically, you take some form of flake-able salmon. Canned works just fine, honestly, you barely taste the difference. This is also a great way to use up that Canadian sock-eye salmon that people bring back as souvenirs for you and that don’t expire for like, 16 years. Or do fresh and roast it yourself, though if you ask me, that’s a waste of fresh salmon. That should be eaten as close to it original form as possible — sashimi, or at least in one piece.

Add some breadcrumbs to your flaked salmon, maybe half as much as you have salmon. Or more, if you want your salmon to go further and be doughier. Less if you have really good quality salmon and want it to be salmon-ier.

Add a beaten egg. That’s going to bind it together.

Add mayo, till it’s not dry anymore and feels like the consistency of something you can make into gooey patty shapes.

Now season it. That’s sort of up to you — when it’s me, it’s whatever I have in the herb collection at the mo. Dill is generally a good friend of salmon. Lemon or lime, yeaaah. I usually throw in some sriracha for a kick. Salt, pepper, the obvious. If this is your after-work 15-minute dinner, you could keep it basic with just those. Or what I used to do when I had a tiny kitchen with no herbs or equipment is buy seasoned crackers and make breadcrumbs by crushing ’em in a ziplock bag with our fists or a rolling pin. Then you don’t have to season at all, just tweak.

Make patties, and pan fry until golden brown. They’re already cooked, mostly, except for the egg, so they don’t take that long.

Garnish them and make them look pretty. Mix sriracha and mayo for a spicy mayo. Cook some apples. Garnish with salad and a lemon. Or make some pickles! I’m pickle crazy, lately. Pickled shallots would go great. But not all at once. Or whatever. Go crazy!


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