Craftsman & Wolves: Not so Rebellious, Just Yums

Help! The hipsters are descending upon us! But… I can’t help it. I love their food. So I’m happy to head down to the hipster-named bakery in the hipsterish Mission in San Francisco to feast upon hybrid hipster foods with hipsterish names like “The Rebel Within”. Which is not even a very apt moniker because who would rebel against a soft-boiled egg encased in a bacon and cheese muffin? Nobody.

Here is the rebel.

Unassuming little fella.

But cut him open and…


I guess I’d start a national rebellion for another piece of that.

Follow Me Foodie did an extensive experiment reverse engineering this recipe. Seems worth a gander.

We also got the egg frittata breakfast sandwich. Because why get one egg item when you can get two? And then for good measure, we shelled out for the 4505 smoked ham and cheese twist and the chocolate croissant stack. Agggghhhh so much goodness.

I kinda regret not getting that banh mi too.


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